“Pay it Forward Network, provides small Businesses with an opportunity to offer or request an item or service. When an item or service is received, return and pledge to pay it forward to another member. Create a pay it forward offer or answer another member’s listing. “

Register yourself / business as a pledger and complete the verification process to view the tasks listed which other pledgers need help with. 

Select a task which you feel you are able to help with or would like to pledge – view details

Select a need or list your own pledge and indicate timeline / availability

Once a project is completed / a need has been met both parties need to indicate on their profiles

No money is transferred between parties. This platform is based on a bartering system where you are required to pledge your skills/time/expert advise before you can claim a pledge from another company with which you need help with. Once a pledge has been completed you are welcome to list your need on the requestor page.

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